Gun Shop near Leicestershire – Honesberie

Our gun shop is ideally located for visitors from across Leicestershire and the surrounding area, and is well-stocked with a great selection of new and second hand guns. We can source a variety of different makes and models to suit all requirements, ranging from starter guns for new shooters to competition-standard guns.

We have a selection of demonstrator guns to allow you to try before you buy, and can also purchase second hand guns or offer part exchanges to make buying a new gun more affordable. Our gun fitting and gunsmithing service will ensure that your new gun is the perfect match for you, whilst our range of accessories features everything you’ll need for successful shooting at any level.

Gun Fitting & Servicing

Whether you are new to the sport of shooting or an experienced shot, a correctly fitted gun is a must-have. Our fully adjustable Try Guns will allow you to get the perfect fit, whether you are buying from our gun shop or want to alter an existing gun.

Regular servicing will help to keep your guns and rifles working reliably. Our comprehensive gun servicing provision includes stripping and cleaning, the replacement of broken internal parts, and much more besides, so trust our expert team with your gun and feel confident that it is in capable hands.