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Our gunroom is well stocked with both new and second hand guns available. We can provide and source a variety of guns from the best English Sidelock to competition and starter guns.

Gun Shop Serving Rugby & Warwickshire

We have a full range of demonstrator guns that you can try before you buy. We are also interested in buying second hand guns and taking part exchanges. We provide a comprehensive gun fitting and gunsmithing service for the Rugby and Warwickshire area.

As of Spring 2016, we are delighted to be a Main Agent in the UK for Rizzini, selling their full range. Contact us to find out more on 01327 262922 or

Shooting AccessoriesShotgun Cartridges

We sell a range of shooting clothing, boots, gunslips, cartridge bags and other shooting accessories.

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Gun FittingTaking Aim

At Honesberie we believe a correctly fitted gun is essential whether you are new to the sport or an old hand. With the use of our fully adjustable Try-Guns and shooting know-how, we can advise on the correct fit for you, whether you are buying a gun from us, altering an existing gun or having a bespoke stock made.

1 person for 1 hour£110
2 people for 2 hours£175

Gun ServicingBerreta

We offer a complete gunsmithing service to maintain, alter and repair your guns. All of our work is carried out by our professional gunsmiths.

Honesberie Shooting School advises that your guns and rifles should have regular servicing. If you are shooting more than 20 days a year and/or the gun is regularly getting wet, it is worth the gun being stripped, cleaned and serviced. If you are shooting less than 20 days every other year is advisable. Honesberie provides gun servicing carried out by our professional gunsmith.

As we all know there is nothing worse than having a gun break down on a days shooting, especially when you have driven miles! Some of the services we offer:

  • Gun Service/strip and clean
  • Ejector timing
  • Regulating of Trigger pulls
  • Single trigger work
  • Re-jointing
  • Barrel Blacking
  • Re-Finishing
  • Checkering
  • Stocking
  • Re-placement barrels
  • Any gun alterations, pads, casting stock etc
  • Replacement of any broken internal parts

Gun HireLady taking aim

We have a selection of over-and-under or side-by-side guns that can be hired for your days shooting to valid licence holders.


Price: £75 plus VAT per day

Gun StorageStorage Area

We have short and long term storage facilities available to keep your guns secure.

Price: £3.50 plus VAT per week

Bulk Cartridges and ClaysSome Cartridges

We stock a vast selection of cartridges for clay and game shooting including our specialist Honesberie Clay and Game loads.

Honesberie Custom Loads

Special Clay Loads
12g Honesberie School Load 21 grams 8 shot F/W£195.00£103.00£58.00£7.50
20g Honesberie School Load 21 grams 8 shot F/W£225.00£120.00£65.00£7.50
12g Honesberie HV Competition 28 grams 7.5 shot F/W£205.00£108.00£60.00£6.80
12g Honesberie HV Competition 28 grams 7.5 shot P/W£195.00£103.00£58.00£6.50
Special Game Load
12g Honesberie High Pheasant 29 grams 5.5 shot F/W£315.00£166.00£91.00£9.90
20g Honesberie High Pheasant 25 grams 5 shot F/W£315.00£166.00£91.00£9.90
12g Honesberie Extreme Game 33 grams 4.5 shot F/W£340.00£180.00£98.00£10.70

Gamebore Loads

12g Evo 24 grams 7.5 shot P/W£208.00£110.00£60.00£6.50
12g Evo 24 grams 7.5 shot F/W£218.00£115.00£63.00£6.90
12g Velocity Pigeon 30 grams 6 shot F/W£235.00£125.00£68.00£7.50
12g Black Gold 28 grams 7.5 shot P/W£290.00£153.00£84.00£9.10
12g Black Gold 28 grams 7.5 shot F/W£284.00£150.00£82.00£8.90
12g White Gold 28 grams 7.5 shot P/W£256.00£135.00£74.00£8.00
12g White Gold 28 grams 7.5 shot F/W£260.00£137.00£75.00£8.50
16g Regal 28 grams 5/6 shot F/W£310.00£163.00£90.00£9.80
28g Regal 16 grams 7 shot F/W£302.00£160.00£88.00£9.50
28g Regal 25 grams 5 shot F/W£330.00£175.00£95.00£10.50
.410 Gamebore 2.5" 11 grams 6/7 shot P/W£236.00£125.00£68.00£7.50
.410 Gamebore 3" 16 grams 6 shot£273.00£145.00£80.00£8.53

We have further types of clay and game loads in all bore sizes from several cartridge manufacturers. Please enquire for further details